Dr. Cigrand and Batavia
The "Father of Flag Day" called Batavia his home and we want to honor him and his life's work.

Dr. Benard J. Cigrand believed that we should have a holiday honoring the birth of our American flag. He spent his life writing countless letters for newspapers and magazines and giving numerous lectures promoting his dreams of a national holiday celebrating our flag. Even though he had a career in dentistry, he remained passionate about creating a national Flag Day. At the age of 46, he moved to Batavia and opened a dental office in his home on South Batavia Avenue as he continued to petition for a National Flag Day observance. Four years later, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation calling for a nation-wide observance of Flag Day on the 14th of June, the date of the official adoption of the stars and stripes by Congress. Dr. Cigrand had a dream that he never gave up on. His life's work is the reason why we celebrate Flag Day to this day. We want to commemorate his achievements and that first official Flag Day by building a memorial that depicts his story of education, passion and pursuit.

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